Recent happenings

Album release by Calmen
We are thrilled to release Calmen's new album on Cymbidium Records. The album is called Plural - it's a collision of different eras and styles with a bit of funk, a bit of Prince, a bit of nostalgia and a bit of something new. It will get your feet moving and it will give you a big smile. Be among the first to grab it here!

Cymbidium Records on Beatport
Our releases are now available through Beatport.

Long Time No See reviewed at Humanworkshop
Saine's latest release got a great review at the Humanworkshop e-zine.

More digital+vinyl stores for Long Time No See
You can now find Saine's new release from the following stores. For the digital version, surf to iTunes, Emusic, Digital-Tunes, Equal Dreams, 7digital and Amazon. The limited edition vinyl is found at: Cymbidium Shop, Juno Records, Toolbox Records and Recordshop X. Good times!

Renoise interviews Saine
The good folks at Renoise did an interview of Saine and his new album. Read all about it here.

The new album by Saine is released!
We're happy to announce the release of Saine's new album, Long Time No See. Surf to for more infos and check out our releases section for full music previews. You can grab yours at Digital-Tunes and Equal Dreams - with larger download stores there will be a slight delay. The album is also available as a special limited vinyl edition - at first you can order it straight from Cymbidium Records' own Shop (brand new!) as more vinyl stores will be announced later. If in doubt, do check out the first album review at!

Long Time No See - an upcoming album from Saine
The brand new full lenght release from Saine is on the way. It will be released digitally and as a limited edition vinyl - the release date is set to the 1st of December, so watch this space.. Be sure to check out a recent interview of Saine at our newly reopened blog at Tumblr.

Sustainable Sounds from Helsinki
We are proud to present the brand new Sustainable Sounds compilation, showcasing the best of Finnish electronic vibes and banging beats. It's a collaboration between three Helsinki-based companies: Costo, Cymbidium Records and Fresh Tunes Finland Surf to and the Facebook page for more information on this project. You can buy the specially packaged limited edition CD straight from here.

Saine remixes Comfort Fit
The highly anticipated Private Primate EP by Comfort Fit is out today on Error Broadcast, featuring a remix by Saine and some seriously head-nodding 21st century beat gems.

New vinyl distribution deals
Cymbidium Records has made a distribution contract with the French distribution company Toolbox Records. In the future Cymbidium's vinyls will be found in one of the best vinyl shops in Paris and in selected stores throughout Europe. Find out more at Toolbox Records

Cymbidium @ Shibuya FM
Cymbidium Records has been invited to showcase their material in one of the leading Tokyo radio stations, Shibuya FM. The concept of the program Sound Finder Radio in Shibuya FM is "Sweet, Mellow, Cool and Relaxed". The one hour program on the 14th of June will focus on Cymbidium Records artists and their unique sound, as well as the upcoming release: Cymbidium Summer Collection 2010, featuring e.g. Katyayani, Calmen and Saine. The labels representative Nikita Semenkov will also answer questions about the Finnish music scene and and Finland in general.

Cymbidium Records new website launch!
Our brand new website is now live, feel free to roam around - you can now also listen to the whole Cymbidium catalog at the releases section. Additionally you will find us at MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud Website design and photography was created by Oliver Cartwright, visit his website for more designs.


Selected news from along the road

Saine featured on Momo At The Park Hotel Amsterdam
Saine-title Donny appears on Momo At The Park Hotel Amsterdam -compilation CD, which is compiled by Chris Zippel and released by Berlin based Genuine Sounds > Surf to Juno Download to purchase this compilation.

Saine reviewed by Side-Line music magazine
“Break A Pattern definitely sounds as an atypical experience in lounge and that’s what I appreciate here. ED 6/7" > To view the full review of Saine's new vinyl release Break A Pattern, to be found at the releases section.

Cymbidium launches a new sublabel Coto Records
The first Coto-release, Second Thought by Costi has gained airplay on Finnish radio stations Basso, YleX and Radio Helsinki. Contact > Promotion: Johanna Kiiski > Distribution: Urbanited Music / Playground > Download: / Equal Dreams / iTunes

Happy-Go-Lucky: Funky Awards Nominee
Cymbidium artist Happy-Go-Lucky is one of Funky Awards 2009 nominees in the band of the year -category. Funky Elephant is an annual club festival working as a melting pot for all sub categories of black music such as funk, soul, hip hop, jazz, latin music and reggae. > Visit Funky Elephant for more information.

Saine interviewed and reviewed in Basso (06/2008)
Basso has taken note of Saine´s work, which got featured in the magazine twice (Hyvät Nousut p. 79, Levyarviot p. 89). Saine was interviewed by Risto Nevanlinna, Editor-in-Chief. A big thank you to Risto & Basso crew. > Basso is a Finnish media company whose mission is to elevate Finnish urban music and culture. It consists of a radiostation, a magazine, a television channel, an annual festival and a website combining these together.

Happy-Go-Lucky competes in a music video contest
Their latest music video for Lecture (from their album Fellow, which is found at the releases section) is chosen to compete in Oulu Music Video Festival. > Happy-Go-Lucky´s music video is directed by Hannu Aukia and Jaani Kivinen. A big thank you to Esek for the support.

Saine interviewed on YleX radio station
Tune in to listen to the fabulous Tiistain tanssi-ilta 29/7/2008 conducted by DJ Olli S. who had a chance to sit down with Cymbidium artist Saine and talk about his upcoming album Break A pattern. Olli S. is among the leading progressive house DJ in the Finnish Clubbing Scene. He has a bi-weekly radio show at Finnish national radio YleX and a monthly residency at Frisky Radio with a success show Aurea Mediocritas.

The Helsinki Cooler vol. 3 launch party was a success
Way over 300 people attended this high profile event at Club Ahjo on Friday 27/6/2008. The launch was a joint venture by Cymbidium Records and Shigeki Tamura/Chillounge. Live grooves were presented by Hossni & Kamikaze LIVE band. Dj´s Cini, Aito Pystynen, Syvaenne and Kamikaze each presented unique approach to modern innovative sounds. > A big thank you to everybody who came out and Sige, Jusu of Talent71, artists, DJ´s and the Ahjo crew.

Cymbidium Records: label of the week in Basso
Cymbidium is the label of the week in Basso Radio during week 24. An interview with Cymbidium founder Costi and graphic designer Cini will air on Tuesday 10/6/2008 at 16.30, in Hikinen Iltapäivä hosted by Tuke. A big thank you to the awesome Basso crew.

Electronic Helsinki featured in Japanese Elle Deco
Electronic Helsinki vol. 1 is the first Finnish CD featured in Japanese Elle Deco (June issue, p. 47). Japanese Elle Deco is focusing on modern living, design & modern lifestyle with millions of style-conscious readers. Electronic Helsinki, found at the releases section, is a joint venture by Cymbidium Records, Octagram Records and Ivana Helsinki. The innovative canvas CD cover is brought to you by Paola Suhonen. A big thank you to Nord Mainos and Atsushi Hoshi.

The story of Helsinki Cooler continues
Helsinki Cooler vol. 3 compilation will be released in conjunction with Fennofolk, Design Museum´s main exhibition in the summer of 2008. Fennofolk - New Nordic Oddity presents an analysis of Finnish culture from a new perspective.

Cooler vol. 2 - Soundtrack for the future workplace
Eva Haggrén reveals the sense of the future workplace at Stockholms Furniture Fair. Helsinki Cooler vol. 2 was the soundtrack for Eva´s contemporary vision: “A new look at linoleum” at Stockholms Furniture Fair. Eva´s work was awarded in the Nordic Competition 2006.

Cymbidium Records: a first timer in Midem
Cymbidium attends Midem for the very first time 21/1/2006 as a part of the Musex line up.


Helsinki Cooler vol. 3 featured in Chinese All Design magazine

Costi interview in Helsingin Sanomat Kuukausiliite

Cini interview in Image

Saine interview in Basso

Helsinki Cooler vol. 3 review in Rumba

Electronic Helsinki vol. 1 -compilation featured in Japanese Elle Deco magazine



Moa: Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu, Aalto University, Helsinki

Design Museum: Fennofolk – New Nordic Oddity

Scandinavian Design: Isetan Department Store, Tokyo

Scandinavian Design: Matsuja Department Store, Tokyo

Finnish Culture at the Helsinki à la Place Saint-Sulpice event in Paris

Stockholms Furniture Fair



Design Museum: Fennofolk – New Nordic Oddity